Why Use PPC? | Geonet Solutions Website Design Darlington
Why Use PPC? | Geonet Solutions Website Design Darlington
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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in a Managed PPC Campaign

why you need a ppc campaign

25 Sep 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in a Managed PPC Campaign

The number one question we get asked by our clients when it comes to digital marketing… “How can I get right to the top of Google?”

Now we have loads of experience in getting our clients’ amazing results with their organic rankings, but sometimes we find our clients really want to be right at the top of Google. If they are willing to invest some budget and time, it’s something that again, the team at Geonet have an abundance of experience in also.

Why should you be using a managed PPC campaign from Geonet as part of your marketing efforts?

1 – Fully Managed Service


We understand that running a fully integrated marketing campaign is time-consuming. We also understand that you might not be sat in a marketing department with years and years of experience, you could be a business owner wanting to get your message out to market. That’s why at Geonet Solutions we have a dedicated team on hand to run your PPC activity. From conception to design to continued management of the account, Geonet is on hand to make sure you are getting the most from your click budget.

2 – PPC is fully trackable


There are plenty of tools you can use to track your organic rankings and how well your keywords are doing. But with PPC you can fully track your goals and more importantly ROI. Google Ads, Tag Manager and Analytics combined can help you track every click, purchase even phone call via PPC.

3 – Quick return


Using PPC is a great way to target your customer base quickly. You might be a little bit behind your competition in the organic rankings and while you should be putting as much effort as possible into your organic rankings, you can leapfrog the competition with a paid campaign. Yes, it will cost you to get the higher position, but, if you want to be the top dog, sometimes you have to bit the bullet and spend a little.

4 –  Remarketing


From a marketers point of view, remarketing is an amazing tool to build up engagement with visitors that have left your site. What other marketing methods automatically re-engage with lapsed, potential customers for you?

5 – A wealth of tools and lists


10+ years ago when I first set up a PPC campaign, you had very little in the way of planning tools, customer lists and interest lists. Now you can target potential customers based on their interests and locations. Perfect for defining a target market to communicate to.

If you are still on the fence with PPC let’s run the numbers. In 2018 alone, we have helped our clients be seen by over 2.5 million people! That’s right, 2.5 million! If you want to talk to the team at Geonet Solutions about a PPC campaign, or need someone to help manage an existing campaign, drop us an email at marketing@geonetsolutions.co.uk

Chris White