Web Development | WordPress | Magento | Laravel
Web Development | WordPress | Magento | Laravel
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Web Development

Adding substance to style.



If you’re tired of talking to studios with a strong eye for pretty graphics and no business sense, you’ve come to the right place. Because not only are we hard-wired for technical excellence in all things web, we’re armed to the teeth with sharp business focus, and the drive to see our clients achieve great success online.

Your website doesn’t exist to sap your time and energy, it’s there to boost your revenue. Fortunately, Geonet makes this easy. With very little or no training, you’ll be able to quickly and easily take control of your content and strategy, making changes in real time from any computer.

Our in-depth web development experience across a number of platforms enables us to offer our clients a choice of Content Management Systems, all tailored exactly to their business and website requirements. This avoids any ‘square peg, round hole’ solutions that seem to be raising their ugly heads oh too often in the world of web development, and leaves all of our customers delighted with their seamless solution that is also a doddle to maintain moving forward.



In order to deliver a robust, well-oiled web development solution, we follow these six simple steps to success, keeping you informed in plain English all the way:

  1. We plan your project in detail from start to finish using these most futureproof of all technologies.
  2. Function always comes before form at Geonet, so we wireframe (prototype) every website before we build it.
  3. With the wireframe finished we begin crafting the unique visual experience of your new website, with no pixel left unaccounted for.
  4. Once the preparation is complete, we’re itching to tool up and build your website into the robust, reliable product you’re looking for.
  5. After strict testing and tweaking, your site is ready to start earning its keep. A future employee of the month, every month.
  6. But our work doesn’t end there. Making your new website visible to your target market ensures high levels of exposure and activity.

Not only do we think outside the box when it comes to web development and keep you in the loop throughout the process, every Geonet website comes with the following key benefits:


Easy to find & easy to use

Provides a measurable return on investment

Fully-functional on all computers, tablets and smartphones


We also develop our websites on a range of open-source platforms, tailoring each development to the Content Management System (CMS) that we think will suit that particular client best.


One of the most popular platforms in the world, currently running more than 66 million websites, WordPress is the chosen CMS for the majority of our brochure websites. It is extremely easy for our customers to manage site content following the launch of their new website, and it can cater for both smaller and larger budget projects with template and bespoke options.


A super powerful eCommerce platform, Magento is usually the CMS of choice for client’s looking to launch or upgrade their online shop. Not only is Magento one of the most-used eCommerce development platforms on the market, it is also highly flexible to customisation of products, payment options, shipping and much more!


This is usually our recommendation for more complex projects that require bespoke web development to create software or a database, tailored exactly to the business’ needs, as Laravel provides full flexibility so we can build modules from scratch to deliver a seamless new web system, whether it is an Intranet, Recruitment System or a Booking System.


Albeit a slightly less common platform, Geonet Solutions are one of only a few UK developers building in this powerful cloud eCommerce software. This allows us to help clients with LemonStand websites built by other suppliers, to take their systems to the next level thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience in customising and expanding on this platform.