Service Status -
Service Status -
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Service Status

Current Alerts

ONGOING – 17.02 – Tuesday 11th August 2015

We are currently investigating site loading time degradation affecting a small percentage (1-2%) of our clients.

We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Resolved Alerts

RESOLVED – 10.47 – Thursday 25th September 2014 

All telephone services have been restored after a brief downtime.

RESOLVED – 14.07 – Tuesday 23rd September 2014 

Some WordPress customers may experience up to five minutes of downtime this afternoon, as we deploy a new security addition across all our WordPress deployments.

This is in response to an increased frequency of SQL injection attempts in recent weeks.

RESOLVED – 13.40 – Thursday 7th August 2014 

Users of some of our standard mailbox may be unable to access their email via POP or IMAP connections in an email client and by webmail.

Users of our cloud mail service are unaffected.