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Thomas Watson Auctioneers -
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Thomas Watson Auctioneers

About This Project

Being the oldest and most respected auction house in the North East of England, Thomas Watson Auctioneers were looking for a website to match this reputation and provide its loyal users an elevated level of functionality; Thomas Watson have grown with the times and have developed to keep in touch with their modern clientele – they’re keeping things fresh, new and exciting!


Thomas Watson allow purchases to be made through various methods: in person, via the telephone or now even online!


The Thomas Watson Auctioneers website wanted to be inclusive to all, so it uses the language translation feature so that a multitude of nationalities can use the site with ease.


The website also offers a login section for loyal and frequent users; and registration is handled the first time a user looks to place a bid so that returning users can undertake the process with much more ease with details being remembered.


Perhaps the most exciting part of the development for us was being able to integrate the website with Online Live Bidding to be able to allow users to place their bid live while the auction is happening, if for some reason they are unfortunately able to get to the auction to be there physically.


The website also boasts a live twitter feed which is linked from the left hand side of the main pages which means that even those users that don’t have an account won’t miss out on the organisation’s updates!


Another feature which has been applied to the site is the auction calendar which is so useful in terms of notifying keen buyers and sellers when the next upcoming auction will be so that they can plan their schedule around this – and so that as many people as possible can make it over.


Client Testimonial

Geonet implemented our ideas perfectly and the customer service we received has been first class.

David Elstob, Business Development Manager