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opheilia responsive website
About This Project

This responsive website is a bespoke one page brochure site – what we like to call a one page wonder!


Each menu link directs the user to a fragment of the webpage, making navigation super easy! The transition is incredibly fluid too – there’s no ‘jumpiness’ involved when you decide you want to go back up to a previous page, just an automatic and smooth scroll when you click to a different menu item in the main navigation.


Opheilia’s website perfectly showcases each element of the business through emotive imagery and demo videos to really get the message across.


The website boasts an integrated client login area allowing clients to seamlessly upload their videos to their personal dashboard. The clean, simple design means that the client portal is easy to use and even allows scheduled deployment.


The website gives users the opportunity to log in with their own personal account. Once a user is logged into their account, they are prompted to add in contacts. These contacts are those which the videos will be sent to, and some of these contacts must be executors. These are those who can inform the company of the passing, which will release those stored videos to loved ones when the time is right.


Users are given the opportunities to upload videos, and even a thumbnail to represent the content. Once the video is uploaded you can even schedule these to be sent out at certain times rather than straight away.


Once the video is uploaded you can also edit and delete these should you go back and decide there was something missing. This can be done at the click of a button under the ‘My Videos’ page.



Visit the website here: https://opheilia.com/