Nifco UK Recruitment System | Web Design
Nifco UK Recruitment System | Web Design
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Nifco UK Recruitment System

nifco recruitment system launch nifco website admin dashboard Nifco Jobs Page Screen shot custom report on nifco bespoke recruitment system
About This Project

A bespoke software development to create a powerful Recruitment System for Nifco’s HR department.


A few short weeks after the launch of Nifco UK’s new website, we were delighted to unveil the Nifco Recruitment System!


This completely bespoke system has been built from the ground-up, in order to streamline the recruitment process and improve both the applicants’ and the administrators’ experience.


From the front-end, the system boasts a very easy-to-use job search function, allowing applicants to browse all of the current vacancies at Nifco, as well as narrowing down their search by selecting keywords and job type. The job seeker login portal then allows applicants to upload their CVs and covering letters to apply for jobs, which the HR team at Nifco can keep on file even if there are no vacancies that are particularly applicable to that candidate.


Admins have the ability to upload new jobs, manage adverts and control keywords thanks to the Ads Management System. The system also boasts an interview scheduling feature, notifying both the applicant and the interviewer of times, dates, location and important information about the interview.


Other key features include an agency portal to enable recruitment agencies to manage candidates and CVs, as well as an email notifications function and and a useful admin reports feature. As a completely bespoke software solution, this system is continuously expanding to grow alongside Nifco’s recruitment process.


To the left are a set off dummy content screenshots to give you a feel for what the back-end of the system looks like, and you can check out the front-end of the system here (the real back-end is obviously kept under wraps for the Nifco team only!):


Are you interested in a bespoke software solutions to avoid any round  hole, square peg solutions for your system? Give us a call on 01325 361 729!