Luxury Diving Board Website for Molono | Geonet Solutions
Luxury Diving Board Website for Molono | Geonet Solutions
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About This Project

We were approached by Charlie, who already had a clear vision of what he wanted us to put together. What he was looking for was a simplistic and clean design, to showcase Molono’s range of luxury diving boards.  


We listened, and delivered. We crafted a bright and crisp website for Molono, to act as a brochure site to display the simply stunning diving boards.


Though a fairly simple website, we really loved the whole process. We made sure that the site was fully responsive so that anyone and everyone can access the website to it’s full potential, anywhere and on any device.


We love the aesthetic of this website and it made the whole process really enjoyable getting to work with a simplistic design against the stunning imagery which displays elegance and class, appealing to Molono’s high end target market.


The dynamically scrolling homepage banners do a wonderful job of showcasing the range of diving boards available, and add a bit of excitement to the otherwise plain and simple homepage – the perfect contrast!


Under the ‘Collection’ header, the brochure site offers a page displaying the different collections available almost as a splash page; clicking through to these takes you to an information page giving more information such as dimensions, deeper product descriptions.

Visit the website here: