Lucite International | Portfolio | Website Design, Darlington
Lucite International | Portfolio | Website Design, Darlington
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Lucite International

About This Project



To enhance the recruitment presence of their huge manufacturing business, Lucite International, Geonet met with the team to discuss the development of the company’s new careers portal. With a mission of shaping a lighter and brighter future everywhere, the web design team at Geonet developed a portal dedicated solely to the careers at Lucie International.


Lucite approached the team at Geonet with nothing but a vision, and after several discussions and reviewals of their current system we came up with the idea of a brand new system dedicated solely to the development of careers at Lucite. Using a bespoke wireframe for installation on one of the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress, we worked closely with Lucite to agree on a wireframe that would be perfect for not only the Lucite team but its users.


The custom built careers portal was designed to include core HR features including, job search, a backend control panel, jobs pages, regional categories, tailored application forms, email notifications and custom feeds all tailored to the requirements on Lucite.


As an international organisation, Geonet understands that it’s essential to see regionalisation reflected on the site and its content. Because of this, we made it easy and instantly intuitive for the site to recognise where in the world it is being accessed and changes to the relevant content for users visiting from the UK, USA, Netherlands and Germany. But of course all of this content would have been too much to handle from multiple different pages, so we incorporated a ‘master site’, making the management of all this foreign content a smooth and easy process.


The new Lucite careers portal sits on a sub-domain to the main Lucite International website and features a fully responsive design and to reformat and function fluidly on desktop, tablets and other mobile devices.


Take a look: