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Longfield Academy Mobile App | Web Design & Development
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Longfield Academy Mobile App

Mobile app for longfeld academy in Darlington longfield app
About This Project

The Longfield app is the perfect pocket diary for parents and pupils, and it’s hot on the heels of the sparkling new website launched not so long before!


Thanks to our incredible Web Design team Parents and pupils can now receive the latest news, events and alerts straight to their mobile phone or tablet, by simply logging into the super easy-to-use personalised pupil portal using their child’s credentials. Each pupil and parent can receive personalised news and information that is relevant to the child’s year group!


Parents no longer have to rummage around in their child’s school bag to find the crumpled up newsletter that has been sitting there for weeks – all thanks to the push notifications feature! Which is also a bonus for the school, as they can now save hours of valuable time and money on printing hundreds of paper copies.


The app also boasts a calendar function and social feeds that can be viewed at the click of a button for added convenience.


Available to download from the App Store & Google Play Store now!


Customer Testimonial


“The staff at Geonet have always been approachable, helpful and friendly. The website and App meet our requirements and we are really pleased that both projects have resulted in impressive, modern and professional products for our school.”


Susan Johnson, Headteacher at Longfield Academy