Hot Tub Spares - Geonet Solutions
Hot Tub Spares - Geonet Solutions
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Hot Tub Spares

About This Project

Hot Tub Spares were on the market for a new site and we were lucky enough that they chose to have us design and develop their website.


We were really excited to take this one on board and sink our teeth into because of its eCommerce nature, which is a challenge we always welcome.


So, it was a perfect match for us and Hot Tub Spares, when we could provide them with an amazing website, and they gave us the opportunity to once again delve into the world of eCommerce.


We developed a clean website with strong brand image that our lovely client can use as a platform to sell their products with ease. We designed and built a Magento powered eCommerce store for Hot Tub Spares, to showcase their new range of luxury hot tubs, parts and accessories.


Along with the ‘Products’ section of the website, we also included a ‘Special Offers’ page where the best deals can be displayed, creating more interest and increased conversions for our client (because who doesn’t love a good old bargain!) and also value to the client by showing when the best deals are available.


Also included is the wonderful Wishlist feature which is incredibly useful in terms of latent conversions where mobile browsing is involved. Even with responsive sites, conversion rates are still slightly lower than that of a desktop because of security concerns. This has decreased in recent years, though still the case – the use of the Wishlist feature enables customers to add the item they would like from their mobile so that they can access the site on desktop later and carry out their conversion at a later date.