Daisy Chain (Mobile App) | Web Design, Darlington
Daisy Chain (Mobile App) | Web Design, Darlington
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Daisy Chain (Mobile App)

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About This Project

Daisy Chain was established as a charity in 2003 as the dream of its founder, Lesley Hanson, whose son, Jacob, was diagnosed with autism at an early age. After extensive fundraising, the doors to Daisy Chain opened one year after her initial dream, and it has continued to grow ever since.

Following the launch of their website, Katy Carmen of Daisy Chain approached the team at Geonet Solutions to develop a mobile application to help assist the charity to achieve digital communication between themselves, supporters and family members.

The Challenge

To create an app for the charity’s communications strategy and bridge the gap between themselves and families who support them.

As a key fundraising and communication tool to Daisy Chain’s, it is essential that the app engages with Daisy Chain’s users by pushing out attention-grabbing push notifications, straight to the user’s device, that updates them on new events and news.

As well as pushing news updates, the app also provides information about the charity including an interactive calendar that gathers event dates all in one place for easy access and a simple log in feature to a forum area for parents to share their stories and experiences, ask questions and post answers.


The Geonet Solution

Working closely with the client, and following an ease-of-use guarantee throughout, the application supports and reflects the pre-built structures agreed upon with the charity and our app development team were able to build a mobile app that fulfils the charities requirements.

Built to be supported on a range of mobile devices, the end result is an instantly intuitive tool that pushes parents, families and the general public to interact with the charity and one another, whilst also allowing users browse and engage in the content of the charity smoothly.

Would you like to support Daisy Chain on their journey to help more and more people across the UK who are struggling with autism? Download their app in the app store or visit their website to learn more about how you can help.


Find the app in the app store.

If you are looking to add a mobile application to your suite of communication tools, contact the team at Geonet Solutions today!