Bedale High School -
Bedale High School -
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Bedale High School

About This Project

We have developed a fully responsive site for Bedale High School so that staff members would be able to easily communicate with parents and students alike, and so that there would be a place where parents and students go direct for the latest updates.


The site is structured so that there are separate areas for parents, for students and for staff which enables ease of use as it is a one click job to get to the page which is appropriate for each user.


Within each of these pages, you’ll see a level of sub navigation on the right hand side of the page which breaks the information up into sizeable chunks to avoid overwhelming the user with too much content, and is easier to read and navigate.


The website also offers a gallery section where the staff are able to display images of all school trips and exciting school events for parents who might not have been able to attend or who want to see how their child’s trip away from the nest went!

A dynamic scrolling update banner is displayed on the homepage. This feature enables staff members to get any urgent messages across to parents and students (for example, should there be any weather disasters in the winter which mean it’s unsafe for the children to attend that particular day, this message can be conveyed quickly, easily and effectively to parents who can then make other arrangements for their children).