39A Business Academy - Geonet Solutions
39A Business Academy - Geonet Solutions
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39A Business Academy

About This Project

We worked closely with Steve at 39A to help create a distinctive website which clearly portrayed the core functions and services of his business.

Interesting trivia: the inspiration for the name comes from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which was the launch site for the Apollo moon landings and Space Shuttle missions – a place that has been the starting place for reaching extraordinary and seemingly impossible goals, a place of truly life changing experiences.

VISIT SITE: http://39a-business-academy.com/

Customer Testimonial
Geonet are a breath of fresh air in the world of web designers. Other web designers I have used have mostly left me feeling disappointed and frustrated by not giving me what I really want and only doing what suits them. Thankfully the team at Geonet make the effort to listen and understand exactly what you want and then to deliver it. Throughout the project the whole team were friendly, patient and responsive and always came up with solutions to my many requests so I now have a great website that does what I want it to. I highly recommend talking to the great guys at Geonet if you’re looking for a new website.