Our Staff - Meet The Team | Geonet Solutions
Our Staff - Meet The Team | Geonet Solutions
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Meet The Team

Geonet team as characateurs

01 Dec Meet The Team


Who Are Geonet?

With our recent office move to 57 Coniscliffe Road, we thought it was high time we gave you a quick snapshot tour and allow you to formally meet the team.

Geonet Solutions are a family run, outside-the-box and incredibly innovative Darlington-based web design, web development and digital marketing agency.

We offer stunning bespoke website design, and the reason we are so keen to provide bespoke web solutions is because we are only too aware that no two companies are the same. We strive to meet and exceed every single one of your requirements to ensure we hand over a product you are completely and entirely happy with when groundhog day arrives and it’s time to set your new website live.


Geonet HQ


img_4203     img_4200

Above right: Our super sleek meeting room, ready to greet clients with a cuppa and a cookie!
Above left: Our cosy team breakout area, equipped with very appropriate social media comfy cushions.

Some elves have been decorating for Christmas ready for December…it looks like Rudolph & friends arrived too soon and made a speedy exit!


Meet the Geobots


Geobot Mike


Managing Director, Fact Man, Office Entertainment

Previously owned a very successful engineering business, and decided to branch out into a new field.

Chief firefighter & general peacemaker.

Great believer in using a sprat to catch a mackerel.

Mike’s Order: Tea. Milk. No sugar.

Mike’s Day: Absolutely no clowning around…!

Arrives and greets each team.
Sweet talks someone (Ben) into making a round.
Thoroughly enjoys his cuppa; jokes he’d marry Ben if he had longer hair.
Checks that the studio have seen all support tickets.
Checks where Rosie’s at with prospect 1, 2 and 3.
Enjoys a biscuit of some description (ahem… Ben? Tea?)
Grabs a sarnie at lunch with Jonny, serenades the girls mid afternoon, and settles right back into official business at his desk.



Geobot Rosie


Business Development Director, Stiletto Sporter, Prosecco Princess.

Kinder Queen.

Secret interior designer.

Master office DJ.

Rosie’s Order: Tea. Milk. Two sugars. (+ a Kinder Bueno)

Rosie’s Day: Practically perfect in every way.

Answers mountain of emails & makes quick catch up calls.
Snacks on Kinder Bueno No.1.
Zooms over to new prospect meeting.
Prepares proposals.
Demands crispies/ Babybels/ iMac screenshots from Jonny and complains about room temperature.
Grabs lunch (£3 Tesco meal deal usually wins) then spends afternoon in meetings and preparing new orders for the studio whilst enjoying a jolly good sing song with Beth and Mike to any requested ‘banging beats’.



Geobot Jonny


Creative Director, Daddy to Dudley, Generous Gentleman.

Creates stunning designs for web and other all day, every day.

Commonly misspells his own name (and most other words).

Huge fan of a mid-range red after a hard week’s graft.

Jonny’s Order: Tea. Milk. One sugar.

Jonny’s Day: Fetching Babybels.

Makes a cuppa and delivers a selection of brownies and or crispies to the office.
Prepares various mock designs for presentations to meet clients’ needs. Gets girls to proofread. Fetches Rosie a Babybel.
Prepares designs for any requested site updates.
Enjoys a chicken mayo sarnie (no lettuce) and a cuppa for lunch with Big Mike. Restocks Babybel supply if necessary.
Prepares various wireframes, mock designs, logos, mailers, leaflets and so on! Fetches Rosie a Babybel.
Feigns all knowledge of anything Rosie has asked for through the course of the day (except Babybels).


Geobot Tess


Accounts Aficionado, Lemon Drizzle Legend, Arithmetician Extraordinaire

Regular Cyprus jet-setter

Devoted horticulturist

Choir songstress

Tess’ Order: Coffee. Milk. Purple floral china cup. 1 sugar.

Tess’ Day: There’s an awful lot to squeeze into two half days..

Fires up Sage and gets cracking with invoices.
Chases studio for new launch dates.
Chases Rosie for PO’s and new account details.
Chases Mike for receipts.
Chases outstanding invoices.



Geobot Beth


Digital Marketing Executive, Mary Berry Tribute, PPC Princess.

Baking prodigy

SEO superstar

Calorie conscious (Krispy Kreme’s don’t count)

Beth’s Order: Coffee. Milk. No Sugar.

Beth’s Day:

Checks and responds to emails.
Schedules client social media posts.
Creates content & deploys when appropriate.
Scribes SEO friendly blog content and carries out ongoing search engine optimisation.
Perfects PPC accounts, improves ads and expands reach.
Liaises with Google if and when necessary.
Attends client meetings and or conference calls.
Is eternally jealous of Rosie’s capacity to binge on Buenos with no consequences.
Fan of a mid afternoon sing song with Rosie and Mike


Geobot Becca


Digital Marketing Executive, Sausage Scranner, Co-Creator Of The First GeoBaby.

Meat lover.

Marketer by day, mama by night.

Smallest feet in the office (size 3).

Becca’s Order: Tea. Milk. One Sugar.

Schedules social media posts.
Optimises client websites to be SEO and user friendly.
Thinks about first snack… eats first snack.
Plans and produces SEO friendly and user engaging blog posts.
Conference calls/ meetings at client request.
Goes on a scavenger hunt for next snack.
Looks forward to returning home to little GeoBaby!




Geobot Scotty



Developer, Wind-Up Merchant, Quiet Code King.

Runner up in Rio Olympics for Table Tennis (bronze medal).

63 streak (unbeaten) in code golf.


Scotty’s Order: Coffee. Milk. One Sugar.

Scotty’s Day: Coffee, coffee coffee

Check emails.
Check support.
Builds, builds, builds..
Whispers ‘I’m parched’ when a coffee is due, to see which unlucky soul will do his bidding this time.
Drinks said coffee.


Geobot Ben


Designer & Front-End Developer, Spends Most Weekends Chasing Sheep And Cows, Unable To Swim

Part of the PC Master Race

Loves everything Tech

Once achieved Grandmaster Position in the national Chess Championship

Ben’s Order: Coffee. Milk. One Sugar.

Ben’s Day: Conjuring up the perfect cuppa.

Designing websites.
Converting websites.
Making everyone a cuppa.
Winning at table tennis.



Geobot LewisLewis

PHP prince, Office Veggie, Security Specialist

Avid photographer

Adventurer (watch out Bear Grylls!) and animal lover

Code king

Lewis’ Order: Tea. White. No sugar!

Lewis’ Day:

Protect Websites from Brute Force Attacks by constantly increasing security.
Checks and works on support tickets.
Top tea maker.
Irons out PHP problems.
Website fixes.
Makes styling changes.
Ensures websites are fully customisable for clients (you’re welcome, guys!).



JPGeobot JP

Master Linguist, Chocoholic, Devoted Developer

Huge fan of Geonet’s monthly pizza Fridays – meateor everytime, please!

Chocolate obsessed

Multilingual (both in daily life and code!)

JP’s Order: Black coffee, 1 sugar (AM). White coffee, 1 sugar (PM).

JP’s Day: Confusing the coffee maker with his order.

 Researches & develops.
Carries out a lot of testing, ensuring the perfect solution.
Debug, debug, debug!
Code refactoring.



Geobot DuncanDuncan

Office Jet Setter, eCommerce Oracle, General Genius

Tech whizz

Code King

eCommerce extraordinaire

Dunc’s Order: Coffee, please.

Dunc’s Day: Calls, code, calls, code

Check emails.
Check support.
Deals with support issues as soon as possible.
Answers calls from Mike asking if he’s seen the support issues.
Website fixes.
Looks into new out-of-spec requests to determine possibility.
More support issues/ website amendments.




Chief Canine, Snack Stealer, Trend Setter.

Keeps Jonny in line when things get out of hand.

Likes exactly 37 cuddles a day.Geobot Dudley

Fan of the occasional seasonal jumper.

Duds’ Order: Delicious doggy treats, Rosie’s Babybel.

Duds’ Day: Barely even gets time to ‘paws’ he’s so busy.

Arrives, receives first dose of cuddles.
Dishes out his woofs of wisdom as he heads up team meeting.
Pesters Tess for shortbread.
Whinges like a champ when Jonny and Mike nip for lunch.
Second dose of attention.
Steals a bite of Rosie’s Babybel.

Becca Bray