Letter from Antony Lewis -
Letter from Antony Lewis -
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Letter from Antony Lewis

21 May Letter from Antony Lewis

Antony asked us to share this letter with all of our clients.

Hi all,

I started to write this letter to the team at Geonet but on thinking about it I want to share it with you my clients as well.

I have so many people to thank for their support and as such it’s impossible to personally get to see you all within the short time that was available to me so I can only apologise for letting people know by email, I would have preferred to personally shaken you’re hand and exchanged best wishes.

Over the last few years Geonet has undergone a massive transformation, it’s been challenging at points but one thing that has remained from start to finish is the team’s unwavering loyalty and commitment to clients to ensure that we delivered real value for money a web service that is second to none. I say with conviction that I believe this will always be the case with Geonet and I’m confident that I have left everyone in capable hands!

To Mike and the team, it has been a pleasure working with you all, I have learned so much in the time we have shared and am confident that I can take a chunk of Geonet with me to share with clients in my new venture.

To all the clients I have worked with over the years, I want to say a hearty thank you for your business, confidence and trust, it has been a pleasure working with you all and I wish you all the best for the future.

Once you have received this, email will be forwarded to Rosie, if you need to speak to me for any reason I am always contactable on my mobile.

Your sincerely,

Antony Lewis

We would like to thank Antony for all his years of hard work with Geonet Solutions, and look forward to working closely with him in the future in his new ventures.

Becca Bray