How An App Can Boost Your Business! - Geonet Solutions
How An App Can Boost Your Business! - Geonet Solutions
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How An App Can Boost Your Business!


27 Apr How An App Can Boost Your Business!

Do I really need a mobile app?

Okay, so you’ve got a responsive website and you might be thinking, “why do I even need an app?” Well the answer is simple.

Since Tuesday 21st April 2015, Google is now ranking businesses with mobile compliant sites and mobile apps higher on mobile devices than those without, so a mobile app should now be a key necessity in any business’s search engine marketing strategy, and no one can really afford to ignore the need for one.

Mobile apps have taken the web industry by storm. In 2014 mobile app usage grew by more than 75% and app Store revenues are projected to grow to £50 billion in 2017! Think about the world wide web – it’s enormous! There are over 3.15 billion internet users in the world.

But how will it benefit your business? Well, flip that question round and you’ve got yourself an answer. How will a mobile app benefit your customers?

A mobile app can provide content and info at the touch of your fingertips…

In today’s society, everything is instant. From instant coffee to instant messaging, you can get pretty much anything you want at the touch of a button, so why should your business be any exception? Let’s say you have a brand new customer. They’ve seen your website and want to pop in for a chat. They browse through your website to find your address. They then leave the Google app and switch to Google Maps app, type in your address and start their journey to come find you. But what if they could just visit your app and press a button that automatically tells them where you are and how to get there? If it saves your customers time, it’s always a bonus!

Apps offer easy and accessible customer service on your terms…

Create your ‘brand experience’ with your mobile app. You can really personalise the level of customer service your customers receive. Have they made a recent order? Send them a notification to thank them and make them feel appreciated.

Apps can be a great communication tool. Special offer coming up? Great! Let your customers know through push notifications. A push notification is a way to inform or update a user and pops up instantly on their mobile phone or tablet, whatever screen they are currently looking at. Simple but effective and it can lead to sales!

These handy applications can also be used for promotions, competitions and entertainment. Promote your next event with a mobile app, take bookings and even sell online when your customers are on the go.

Mobile apps are also ideal for charities. They are a great, modern fundraising tool, allowing people to make donations at the tap of a button. They can also be used to streamline internal processes and reduce paper requirements, so you’re doing your bit for the environment without even thinking about it. Schools and colleges can benefit from apps as well, as they’re a great communication tool between staff, parents and students. They’re able to share upcoming events, latest news and last minute announcements such as school closures, key dates and upcoming events. Restaurant owners wanting to provide a quick and easy booking service to their customers are also able to do so with the use of a mobile app.

Our most recent project has been the Distinct Darlington mobile app. This a bespoke development on both the iOS and Android platforms and the ultimate aim was to increase footfall in the Darlington town centre. Key features of Distinct Darlington include a pay for parking facility, integrated loyalty scheme to encourage repeat custom, integrated geofencing functionality to enable location-based notifications to ping a user when they are near a particular zone’s special offers, as well as blanket push notifications to enable the app manager to alert users of upcoming events, latest news within the town and other important elements!

Mobile apps are here to stay; they’re convenient for your customer and help you stay ahead of your competition. So, are you ready to put your brand in their pockets? Speak to us about mobile app development via email or give us a call on 01325 361 729. We’d love to hear from you!

Becca Bray