Cyber Monday Special Offer | Geonet Solutions Web Design
Cyber Monday Special Offer | Geonet Solutions Web Design
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Cyber Monday Special (2018)

26 Nov Cyber Monday Special (2018)

Stop the press! Geonet Solutions have a super special Cyber Monday offer for you all!

Are you in the dark about your website’s SEO? Are you writing new and engaging content but don’t know how well you are ranking on Google? Do you want to know how well your SEO efforts are doing?

Well, Geonet Solutions have the perfect solution, just in time for Cyber Monday! We’ve got an amazing deal – get 10% off an SEO audit and website booster*.

What does this entail?


Furnish us with your keywords (10 Max) and we will be able to audit your website’s ranking position based upon those keywords in the UK and one region.

Technical SEO

We’ll be able to identify a list of technical SEO recommendations that your website requires and prioritise the tasks. We will then complete the top five recommendations on your website.


If your website has dead pages, we’ll get some redirects in place sharpish.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

If any of your pages are missing Meta Title and Descriptions, the team will draw up a list of pages that require attention and complete the top ten pages.

Why get an audit?

You could be very active on your website, posting new content and blogs, but do you know the impact? Google Analytics can only tell you so much. With an audit from Geonet Solutions, we will be able to tell you how well you are ranking for your keywords and give you an indication on how well your website performs from an SEO point of view.

If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer?

If you want the digital marketing team to give your website a boost drop them an email at and pop the code CYBER in your message subject. Alternatively, call the team on 01325 361 729.

* SEO Audit and Booster up to the value of £480
Chris White