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20 May Tools we love: Slack

Communication is essential for all teams, big or small. Currently, we use Google Hangouts to quickly send links, code snippets, memes, and videos to each other on a daily basis. Today, we discovered Slack. What is Slack? Put simply, Slack is a chatroom for work. It allows you to quickly...

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26 Apr Tools we love: Git

Up until recently, we've been using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to develop and deploy our websites. FTP works fine, and has done for many years, but there has always been a few downfalls: It's slow. Uploading an entire website could take potentially hours. It's not totally secure. All you need to...

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04 Jul The changing face of fitness

I remember as a teenager pedometers becoming this massive craze, everyone had one (they were even given away free in cereal)! Back then, they were little plastic things that used a ball bearing to click against a switch. You could just shake them to clock...

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