7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk - Geonet Solutions
7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk - Geonet Solutions
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7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk


21 Aug 7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is definitely getting lower. With the British summer seemingly drawing to a close today, we look at seven items of awesome and bizarre technology currently on the market to keep you warm at your computer desk this winter.

1. USB Heated Blanket

Heated blankets are great on those cold winter mornings, but how about having one you can power entirely from your computer’s USB port? ThinkGeek currently have one on sale with a low and high power setting designed to either wrap around your body or be used as a heated lap cushion perfect for those cold mornings.

2. Heated Mouse

A really good product for anyone with a circulation disorder. Most of the heated mice on the market have a heating element below the surface and a control for the different heat settings. There aren’t any wireless versions available, so as long as you don’t mind cables this could be great.

3. Heated Mouse Pad

Perhaps the heated mouse isn’t your thing; maybe you suffer from a particularly cold right or left wrist? Well, you could try a heated mouse pad! Comfortable Computing offer one through Amazon that has a built-in USB hub (since all your computers USB ports will now be taken up with heated mice and blankets etc.) It’s suitable for all types of mice, you can even use it with one of the heated mice, according to the product description, for double the hand warmth.

4. USB Heated Slippers

They may sound like a health and safety nightmare, but who doesn’t want warm feet while they work? Designed with a long USB cable that connects to a heating element within the slippers, they are great for keeping your feet toasty warm (just remember to take them off or unplug them before trying to walk anywhere!)

5. Heated Cup Warmer

Perfect for any tea or coffee lover, and solver of the common work dilemma of making a hot drink then forgetting about it whilst you work on something else (only to find your drink has gone cold by the time you get to it!) Most cup warmers will continuously keep your drink heated to a pleasant temperature for as long as the warmer is plugged in.

6. Touch Screen Gloves

The winter can be a nightmare for any smartphone or tablet user. Having to remove your gloves to respond to a text or change music tracks can be annoying and leave you with cold fingers. Touch screen gloves are designed with a special conductive material that allows you to type without removing your gloves. They are available from many shops in a variety of colours fabrics and styles, and there are even kevlar versions available for bikers!

7. Earmuff Headphones

Ok, so these aren’t for wearing indoors but are perfect for a cold commute. Earmuffs that are also headphones! They took off a couple of years ago and are now available in a number of styles. Even designer brands like UGG are producing them. Compatible with any 3.5mm jack, you can now have music and warm ears.


If there are any items you think our list is missing, let us know, and we will go check them out.


Becca Bray