5 tips for creating a brand-defining website - Geonet Solutions
5 tips for creating a brand-defining website - Geonet Solutions
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5 tips for creating a brand-defining website

17 Apr 5 tips for creating a brand-defining website

Every week, people approach us with their vision for their new website.

This vision can vary drastically. Some people know exactly what their website needs to be: huge and grand, or small and to-the-point. Others have a vague idea and want direction.

The honest answer is that whilst we can help you realise your vision, and deliver the brand you want, the best person to craft any business is the business owner. We enjoy the challenges that accompany big dreams: large websites with innovative features, bespoke and unusual designs, and complex user interactions.

Naturally, websites like these can become complicated. The bigger they are, the more planning and thought is required.

Here are our 5 tips to help you get the website from your dreams.

1. Think Big

If this website is to launch your new company or endeavour, then there’s no point in half-measures. Think first about the the functionality. Which features have you seen elsewhere that you like? Are there any features have you perhaps not seen anywhere else, but would like?

2. Think Beautiful

In this day and age, where almost every company has a website, how your proposition is presented is of huge importance. With so many good, cutting-edge sites out there, it doesn’t matter if your competitors’ websites aren’t as nice as yours: you have to compete with the entire web. If someone is browsing through beautiful websites for recreational purposes, remember they need a product like yours, and then search and land on your website and it doesn’t deliver aesthetically, then they’re going to be put off.

Today, this means big images. And I mean big images, in every sense. It’s not enough for an image just to be large and not pixellated, it has to be sharp, artistic, with good colours and no blur.  Professional photography packages are invaluable in this day and age, where multimedia through images and videos drives the way content is being delivered more and more.

3. Plan Hard

A good deal of the stress for both client and designer tends to comes from poor planning at the beginning of the project. Whether this is unclear communication from one or both of the parties, or simply changes of mind later down the line. To keep your costs and stresses low, try and create a ‘sitemap’ of the site in your head. What pages will you have? Where will they click to? Does your website have specific sections? If so, what pages go in them exactly? It’s never too much trouble to add a page in later down the line, but adding whole new sections can have huge ramifications – especially if they interact with other sections that have already been built!

It’s always good to think ahead.

4. Have Fun

Getting a brand-defining website needn’t be a hassle, nor a stress. In the end, it is a creative process, and one that you’ll enjoy if it’s embraced. This is about getting the site you want, and if you let the process flow naturally then your web designer will be able to deliver what you want (provided you’ve picked well!) and everyone will enjoy the build.

5. Keep Active

Completing your website is just the beginning. Your website isn’t like a poster that you would stick on a wall advertising a show that’s on for one night. It’s an ongoing process, and an interactive process. That means you need to keep the site updated with news stories, fresh blogs and media where applicable, and keep this valuable resource and gateway between the public and your business thriving and active.  If you bought a brand new Aston Martin, you wouldn’t keep it in the garage to get dusty.  You’d drive around in it and keep it topped up with petrol.  A website is no different (well, it’s a bit cheaper!)

Follow these tips, and you should have a more enjoyable, productive and fruitful experience whilst getting your new website.  Feel free to Contact Us if you’re interested in discussing a new web project.

Becca Bray