10 Reasons To Love York | Geonet Solutions
10 Reasons To Love York | Geonet Solutions
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10 Reasons We Love York!


15 Feb 10 Reasons We Love York!

This weekend, love was in the air with the arrival of Valentine’s Day on Sunday and although we may all be carrying a few extra pounds from all the chocolates, we want to keep sharing the love. What better way than to talk about how much we love operating in York, one of the most beautiful, romantic & historic cities in the country!

Geonet Solutions are fortunate enough to operate from Blake House on Blake Street, right in the heart of York and a prime location for local businesses in the city centre. From this ideal location we are able to truly appreciate what the city has to offer, and each of us have grown to love York in all its glory.

So without further ado, here are ten reasons why we love York!

1. A famous place for a famous face?

While many of you may remember Harry Potter for its magical storyline, some of you may remember that parts of the films were based in London. Although many scenes of the movies were filmed in this location, audiences were infact tricked (pardon the pun) into thinking one particular scene in which Harry and Hagrid walk over a train station bridge was filmed in London Kings Cross. Infact this scene was filmed in the one and only York train station itself!


Harry and Hagrid Scene in York Station. bplusmovieblog.com


2. York’s historic heritage.

It’s difficult to ignore the history that York has to offer, especially with the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe right on our doorstep. The cathedral took a whopping 250 years to build and began its construction back in 1220, long before the dawn of digital!


york cathedral

York Minster. Img: englishcathedrals.co.uk

3. Significantly sinister

Back in 2002, the International Ghost Research Foundation announced that York is officially the most haunted city in Europe. But fear not, website design & development with Geonet Solutions isn’t all that scary so that’s one less fright to worry about! Geonet won’t come back to haunt you! (Too many puns? Sorry we couldn’t help it!)

york ghost walk

York Ghost Walk Experience. Img: Pinterest


4. Roman racecourse

York is home to one of the best racecourses in europe which also came out top in The Times newspaper survey of all Britain’s racecourses. The romans began racing in York back in 208 AD so it’s easy to see how the city became such a strong base for racing events. Thankfully, it’s only the race horses and never our clients running round in circles!

york race course

York Racecourse. Img: Wedding Fairs


5. Magnificent museums

The largest Railway Museum in the world where visitors can book rail trips on the iconic Flying Scotsman and view the only Japanese Bullet train outside of Japan is located in – you guessed it – York! Perhaps this explains why our clients are all operating full steam ahead!


National Railway Museum. Img: Loco Yard.

6. There’s ‘Moors’ than meets the eye

York is home to two of the country’s most beautiful national parks that are within touching distance: the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. The North York Moors Steam Railway at Goathland was also the location for the first Harry Potter film, something tells me the producers have a thing for York?!

Twilight Glow, Staithes

Img: North York Moors


7. Scenic strolls on city walls

York has the longest and best preserved town walls in England, which only adds to the city’s abundance of history. Visitors to the city can walk the length of the walls and surround themselves in the breathtaking scenery. Just make sure to watch your footing – we don’t want any falls!

york walls

York Walls. Img: York Caravan Park.


8. An utter shambles

The Shambles is believed to be the oldest shopping street in Europe, also getting a mention in the Domesday Book of 1086. Just imagine how many mentions the street would have had if social media was around at the time!


The Shambles

Shambles, York. Img: Dailymail.

9. A pint a day keeps the doctor away.. Or perhaps not?!

York is said to house 365 pubs, one for each day of the calendar year. Not sure about anyone else, but we are up for the challenge!


York pub. Img: Jorvik


10. All aboard the York bandwagon

Situated halfway between London and Edinburgh, York is the perfect location for operating throughout the UK. Easily accessible rail links make travelling super easy, which is ideal for us busy GeoBots. We’re situated on Blake Street in York – if you want to pop in, just call the York Team on 01904 236814 and we’ll book a date and a time!  The city is arguably one of the most ideal locations for business operations throughout the country due to its central location and accessibility.

york station

York Railway Station. Img: docbrown.info



Is your business based in or around York? Give our York team a call on 0190 4236814 to find out what we can do to help boost Digital Presence!


Becca Bray