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How to setup a WordPress website on your own server – Part 4

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our WordPress setup series so far, but there is still much to do. So we continue into part four of our guide. However why go to all the effort? Hire Geonet Solutions to setup your WordPress website! Geonet Solutions based in Darlington, are a website design agency with the experience and skills you need. Hiring us doesn’t mean you are just saving time, but having your website designed and developed correctly, by a team who have an impressive portfolio behind them. Please get in touch with us today, either via our contact form or telephone us for a friendly chat. You won’t receive any hard sales over the phone, instead we can discuss what we offer and how we can help you.

How to setup a WordPress website? Hire Geonet Solutions!

Step 9 – Setup users.

This is an easy enough step, but the reason why we’ve included it, is many website owners give people too high a level of permissions on their website. A writer doesn’t need administrator access for example.

To add new users or to change details:

  1. Log into WordPress as an administrator.
  2. From the dashboard, select ‘Users’ from the side menu.

Never be tempted to give others your login details, and make sure once someone is no-longer involved with a website, you make changes accordlingly. The good news is if you accidentally skipped ahead and set user roles already, you can change them. Also in most situations you should have the option ‘Anyone can register’ turned on. You access this option from ‘General’, under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 10 – Create a home page and a blog page.

If you are setting up a WordPress website, that isn’t purely a blog, but requires a static home page, you will need to make additional changes:

  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard as an administrator.
  2. Create two pages, one called ‘Home’ and another ‘Blog’.
  3. From the ‘Settings’ tab, select ‘Reading Settings’.
  4. Select ‘Home’ as your ‘Front page’ and ‘Blog’ as your ‘Posts page’.

To be continued…

Tomorrow we will continue our in-depth WordPress setup guide and provide detailed tips covering a range of areas, so make sure you subscribe to our blog to follow further updates, if you have not subscribed already.

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